cell phones could handle games

Sep 25, 2019 Online

Small Browser Games Impacted History

People love playing games. That is why browser games are a billion dollar industry. The concept was revolutionized when programmers were able to figure out how to use a programming language built to streamline websites for dial ups to creating games. This was flash and anyone surfing since 2000 will remember flash games. While there were some issues involving security, many people still play these games. They have always been fun, fast to load, and a way to kill time. Some even have been turned into downloadable programs because of their popularity. While flash will not be supported after 2020, the games still have fans.

Fun Everywhere

Before cell phones could handle games, browser games were the big way people killed time. People would be surfing and get bored. They would be looking at sites and find ads for flash games. Everyone who was connected online had a favorite. Some of these were as common as chess, while others were more complex. Many were able to play a role playing game without downloading anything or having a console. This would lead to sequels that were just as popular as the originals. Even websites like Yahoo included them as part of their content.

There are still browser games available, but with the advent of smart phones, they are not as well known. People still play versions of games that started out as flash games. There are just other mediums they are in. They are a part of history of the internet that found new ways to be relevant. They showed how smaller games could be popular without removing quality. They showed how they could be offered for free to players and still make a sizable profit. Many lessons were learned and that is part of business history. That is the biggest impact.