When You Play Snail Bob

A lot of games found online can generally be seen as either time killers or pretty fun puzzles to solve, and Snail Bob is the latter. It may not look like much compared to some of the more prominent games on the internet, but it does have some content that makes it feel alright for what it is. At best, it’s like a game that you would play on tablets like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, where you tap on a part of the game to progress where you need to go. Is this game as worthwhile as the other examples mentioned? Let’s find out!

When you play https://snailbob.io, you begin with a story of how the character lost his house thanks to the construction going on. The snail needs your help to guide him throughout 16 levels to reach his new place, and along the way, puzzles get harder. Players have to activate levers, buttons, and platforms to help the snail maneuver his way to the end. The ending of the game is somewhat hard for me to tell if it was supposed to end like that or not because it freezes on a purple screen while the game’s music plays. That, or it’s an attempt to make me try out the other games in this series; yes, there are a lot of sequels to this simple game and at least 8 of them. For the purposes of this review, the first game will be covered only.

Snail Bob’s gameplay requires you to manipulate objects around you in order to help the snail move to his goal. In some levels, you have to make sure that he does not fall in the pits, or else you have to restart the same level. Thankfully, you don’t restart your entire game, though points may be lost. On a side note, the points in the game serve as a timer a la Super Mario, where the faster you get to your goal, the more points you earn. Another form of danger to look out for includes getting smashed, getting burned by lava and melting from an acid spray. The player can either make the snail move faster to save time, click on him to make him stop, and use some of the tools found from the construction site. They include elevators, rotators, levers, planks, and batteries, which either keep him moving, stay away from danger or help him access places where he can’t go.

On its own, Snail Bob is a nice little game that feels great for people that have a fondness for flash games they played on the computer, or for people that would buy this on the iPad and play it along with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Plants vs Zombies back in 2010/2011. It’s got the simple puzzle mechanics to keep children interested for a while as a reward for them to play if they behave or do something good, but it’s not really a game that has to be tried out since it’s got no real demand. The sequels may seem more in quantity than the series has any right to be, though.